Friday, 5 June 2015


Slash/London 1993.

01. The Shining Hour
02. For the Turnstiles
03. Grace
04. America Snoring

Recorded live at the ICA 15.9.93.


Promotional Single.

Slash/London 1993.

01. America Snoring
02. Jupiter and Teardrop
03. Fuzzy
04. Dixie Drug Store


Songs recorded from the film 'Velvet Goldmine'.

01. The Whole Shebang
02. Living Proof
03. Lo and Behold
04. Make Your Own Little Heaven

'The Whole Shebang' was included on the original motion picture soundtrack release.

Polygram 1998.

Monday, 22 December 2014


German Single

Slash/London 1994

01. Jupiter & Teardrop - Edit
02. Wish You Well - Alternate Version
03. Soft Wolf Tread - Alternate Version
04. The Shining Hour - Alternate Version

The original versions of these tracks appear on the album "Fuzzy"

All songs written by Grant Lee Phillips

Produced by Paul Kimble

These alternate versions represent these album tracks in their early incarnations. They were recorded in the same session that yielded "Fuzzy", "Stars & Stripes" & "Dixie Drug Store".

"Wish You Well" is arranged differently than the album version. This alternate version employs some bizarre sound effects & Paul plays piano on it as well. It also features the voice of an unnamed psychic in the bridge, uttering the words "Los Angeles has been hit", recorded months before the LA riots, the song is a strange premonition.

"Soft Wolf Tread" - This version is a very intimate, acoustic, take on the song. Joey plays some really cool shakers. It is not an "unplugged" kind of thing but a completely different approach to the song. It may be better than the album version.

"The Shining Hour" - This one is a lot spookier here. It probably would have been on the album except that we forgot that it was recorded. The arrangement is different and I like the vocals on this version more than the album.

Grant Lee Phillips, St. Louis, March 1994


Slash/Reprise 1996

01. Homespun - Edit
02. Armchair
03. Comes to Blows
04. Crashing at Corona

Written by Grant Lee Phillips.
Produced by Paul Kimble.


Unreleased original Grant Lee Buffalo song recorded live on tour 1994. Sometimes referred to as "Drag" and appeared on the bootlegs "America", "Space Cowboys" and "Like A Shot".

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Slash 1998

01. Truly, Truly
02. My, My, My
03. Were You There
04. Mockingbirds (Original 4 Track Demo)

All songs written by Grant Lee Phillips.

'"Truly, Truly" was one of the first songs written for the new album. it's a simple enough pledge, but I imagine it's overtones are as complex as anything I've written in awhile. I set out with the idea of saying something in a way that was more direct than I might of gone about things in the past. In short, let's just say it's very much a one-on-one kind of song, but if you feel like playing along, it's in regular old D. Yours truly, Grant.'

U.S. Promo E.P.